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Comfort Caregivers

A caregiver can be anyone, a family member, partner, friend, or neighbor who helps care for you or your loved one while they continue to live at home. About 80 percent of care at home is provided by unpaid caregivers. Caregivers provide an array of emotional, financial, nursing, social, homemaking, and other services.


On average, caregivers spend 20 hours a week giving care. More than half of caregivers (58 percent) have intensive caregiving responsibilities that may include assisting with a personal care activity, such as bathing or feeding.


Information on caregivers show that:

•About 65.7 million people in the US (one in four adults) were unpaid family caregivers to an adult or child in 2009.

•About two-thirds of caregivers are women.

•Fourteen percent of caregivers caring for older adults are themselves age 65 or more years old.


Most people can live at home for many years with help from family and friends, but sometimes that is

not possible or an option for some.  That is where Comfort Care can help.


Our Comfort Caregivers are qualified helping hands that insure a safe and secure environment for you or your loved one when there is no one else to turn to.


Our Comfort Caregivers participate in training that elevates their knowledge and status in the industry.  It  instills in them the highest standards of caregiver professionalism.


Those who complete our TOTAL CARE training program have successfully participated in an exclusive program specially designed for companion caregivers, covering the best standards and practices available in companion care. Our training program focuses on essential care subjects, including all of the services provided by Comfort Care.


Comfort Caregivers are professional and well trained. What truly sets them above other in-home caregivers, however, is their natural gift for caring for others. They have a heart for in-home service—and Comfort Care has a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify them from those less devoted.


Only those who pass this process go on to complete training to deliver our special brand of home care and become Comfort Caregivers. Our Comfort Caregivers also pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. Also, they’re bonded, insured, carry certified ID and covered by Workers' Compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families—and because our in-home caregivers are Comfort Care employees, we take care of their payroll taxes and insurance.

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