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Hot Fun In The Summertime

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Howdy Folks! It’s Carl again and it’s SUMMER which means it’s time for me to get out and hang glide, play baseball, hike the Smokies or Jet Ski my favorite lake. Okay, so maybe I get tuckered out tying my danged shoes so, at my age, it might be time to start looking for some things to do more in line with my age and wrinkly constitution. Let’s give it some thinkun.

While summer offers many choices for interesting activities for old folks like me, make sure to be cautious with physical activities to be certain elderly folks don’t overexert themselves. Keep an eye on the temperature and/or humidity and plan outdoor activities during the morning or evening when it is coolest. When outdoors, make certain that your seasoned citizen is protected from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and most importantly that they drink plenty of water.

Here’s some stuff even an oldster like me might enjoy for Summer:

Warm weather and sunshine in the summer just makes everyone want to be outside, and there are many fun ways you can enjoy the outdoors. Talk a walk during the cooler parts of the day. Go to the local park and have a picnic. Play croquet or visit a miniature golf course, enjoy a local pool, and even better, see if the pool has senior water aerobics, as this can be a great low-impact activity for us oldsters.

Many senior citizens enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities when they were younger, and there is no reason that, if interested, we can’t as we get older. The key is to find a way to still participate safely and comfortably.

For example, seniors can do some simple gardening. Raised planters and beds are a way to make this easier on the elderly person. Or find a great local fishing hole and help the senior citizen enjoy fishing again. If they are like me, they can tell some whoppers about the big-un that got away. Bird-watching is another interesting activity, and even if the elderly person can no longer go on long bird-watching hikes, you can still set up a variety of feeders in the yard where them little tweeters can be seen and enjoyed by everyone.

Summer Games, Hobbies, Arts and Crafts

Games, hobbies and crafts are fun year round, but you can adapt many to be a little "different" in the summertime, to vary the experience for the senior. And again, the key here is to draw on a lifetime of interests of the elderly person. For example, does he or she love to cook or bake? Then consider using fresh fruits and vegetables that you harvested to create pies, breads, or meals. Help them with the cooking or baking if they have trouble with any of it. Take puzzles, board games and cards outdoors! Or bring outdoor summer games indoors by throwing a beach-ball or playing beanbag games. Arts and crafts can be tailored to the season as well, using summer or holiday/patriotic themes.

Other fun group senior activities for the summer can include ice cream socials, karaoke night, or even plan a summer book club where everyone reads or discusses a summer-themed book. And if reading is a challenge for your group of elderly, then consider using a "book on tape" for everyone to listen to, which sometimes can be more fun than doing the reading!

Summertime activities for senior citizens can be fun and an enjoyable way to experience the season. Keeping in mind the aging person's interests and limitations will ensure meaningful enjoyment for everyone.

Now smile you old coot, because you know you’re getting old when:

Tightening your belt becomes uncomfortable under your armpits.

Your top three favorite pastimes involve sleep.

Medicare states that you're too old for their coverage.

A passing funeral procession stops to see if you need a lift.

Kids ask you, "What did people do before electricity?" And you can't remember.

People are constantly putting a mirror under your nose while you nap to see if you're breathing.

See ya next time. Enjoy the Summer!

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