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Total Care

You don’t want a babysitter for your loved one.  You want someone who will keep them engaged in life mentally, emotionally, physically and socially to make a difference in their well being.   At Comfort Care, we call this philosophy TOTAL CARE.  It gives our clients a more healthy and meaningful quality of life.

For most older adults, good health ensures independence, security, and productivity as they age. Yet millions struggle every day with health challenges such as chronic disease, falls, and behavioral health issues—all of which can severely impact quality of life. Every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 29 minutes, an older adult dies following a fall.

We seek to improve the overall functional fitness and well-being of older adults. We assist sedentary older adults wishing to maintain and/or improve their physical functioning and stay socially connected. TOTAL CARE provides In-home physical activity intervention (chair bound and advanced exercises) that is focused on maintaining health status and quality of life of frail elders.

Our TOTAL CARE program empowers individuals through problem-solving treatment, social and physical activation and pleasant activities to reduce depression and increase emotional well-being for older adults. We seek to serve seniors and the chronically disabled who aren’t ready to leave their home for an institutional setting or to live with relatives, but because of illness or chronic conditions need support to remain at home.

Our Comfort Caregivers provide assistance with simple activities that are exhausting for them. This enables them to save their energy for the important things in life, such as connecting with friends or family, taking a short walk, or reading a good book.
Recovering from an illness or injury—even surgery or childbirth—can make it difficult to perform daily household tasks or, in some cases, manage personal care.

TOTAL CARE offers a helping hand that makes regaining or maintaining independence easier with personalized support and sincere encouragement from experienced caregivers.


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